The Devil's Pulpit

It's been a busy year for me, and I notice now that it's also almost exactly a year since I last posted anything here. Moving house, as well as taking on a full-time contract as head of photography with SquareFoot has meant dedicating myself to developing things on that front and less time on my own personal work. That doesn't mean that I haven't been taking photos, and there is barely a weekend that goes by that I'm not adding to a growing collection of images and video that are yet to see the light of day. They'll make it out one day, but I've been saying that about stuff I shot 3 years ago, so...

Despite that, I've found myself with a small collection of images from a visit to the Devil's Pulpit yesterday, ready and waiting to be uploaded. The Devil's Pulpit, located about half an hour drive north of Glasgow in the Loch Lomand area, is the name given to a 100 foot deep gorge in Finnich Glen. We accessed the gorge via a small walk across some fields, though we think there is possibly a more official route in. After climbing a couple of fences and wading across the river at the downstream end of the gorge, we climbed along the bank and found the old steps that take you down into the bowels of the beast. I'd seen photos of this place before and always thought that there had been some photoshop trickery to make the water turn a red colour, keeping in with the hellish tone of the place, but it turns out the red sandstone sediment in the water is what gives it this ghoulish tint. A good setting for an October walk indeed.

All images shot on the Fuji XT10