Wild Tended at the Edinburgh Food Studio

On Friday night I had the privilege to attend a pretty unique event at the EFS, an event celebrating 1 year of the Food Studio and one that saw cocktails take a central role in the dining experience. Three of the worlds best bartenders, Alex Kratena, Simone Caporale and Monica Berg provided a menu of unique and unquestionably fascinating cocktails that were then paired to food by the EFS chefs along with Douglas McMaster of Silo in Brighton, the UKs first "zero-waste" restaurant. The results ranged from delicious to the challenging, each one questioning everything I thought I knew about flavour combinations. Pumpkin & gin, a porcini mushroom beverage, halibut & orange wine (my personal favourite) and many others. A wild culinary ride, and all great fun with great hosts and friends. Big thanks to Ben and Sashana and all the chefs and bartenders who came together for it. Read more about it here - http://www.edinburghfoodstudio.com/new-events/2016/9/20/wild-tender